Karhukangas wind farm project


Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy is planning a wind farm of 16 wind turbines in Karhukangas, Siikajoki.

The Karhukangas wind farm area is located in North Ostrobothnia, on the western side of the municipality of Siikajoki. The distance from the planning area to the Siikajoki center is about 12 km to south-east, to the Revonlahti village about 5 km to east, to the Siikajoki village about 10 km to north and to the town center of Raahe about 15 km to west.

The wind farm would consist of the wind turbines and their groundwork, underground cable connecting the turbines, wind farm power station, 110 kV overhead cables for connecting to the electric power transmission network and of the maintenance roads.

Permit procedure

Suomen Hyötytuuli received a statement on the EIA program in May 2015. The EIA authority in this case is the North Ostrobothnia ELY Centre. Related documentation can be accessed through the following link (in Finnish):


The implementation of the Karhukangas project requires a component master plan permitting wind farm construction in the area. The component master plan was approved by Siikajoki local authorities 2 November 2016.

The progress of the zoning process (only in Finnish) can be followed through the following link:

Siikajoki Municipality

Energy Production

Jokela wind farm

12 pcs / 3,0 MW

Wind farm's current production 0.00 MW

Annankangas wind farm

10 pcs / 3,45 MW

Wind farm's current production 14.36 MW

Kuljunniemi wind farm

9 pcs / 2,3 MW

Wind farm's current production 4.14 MW

Nikkarinkaarto wind farm

10 pcs / 3,45 MW

Wind farm's current production 14.83 MW

Reposaari wind farm

10 pcs / 1-3,3 MW

Wind farm's current production 9.00 MW

Tahkoluoto offshore wind farm

11 pcs / 2,3-4,2 MW

Wind farm's current production 44.32 MW