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The preparation of a component master plan for the Tahkoluoto wind farm expansion has begun

Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy submitted a proposal to the City of Pori to prepare a component master plan for the expansion of the Tahkoluoto offshore wind farm. At a meeting held on 18 January 2021, the City Board of Pori decided to initiate the component master planning process.
The planned area is located at sea, approximately 4 kilometres from the Tahkoluoto port area and 30 kilometres northwest of the Pori city centre. On the north side, the area is bordered by the municipal boundary of Merikarvia. The total area is approximately 135 square kilometres.
The wind farm envisaged for the planned area will consist of up to 45 offshore wind turbines with a maximum height of about 310 metres and a unit capacity of about 11–20 MW. The project contributes to Finland’s climate objectives, and if implemented, it will produce approximately 1,000–1,900 GWh of carbon-neutral electricity annually.
The environmental impact of the project is currently being assessed.

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