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NumberHub heightRotorOutputType
101471263,45 MWVestas

Suomen Hyötytuuli’s Annankangas wind farm is located in full within the area of the City of Raahe, on its southern side at a distance of about 26 km from the town centre. The wind farm has ten Vestas Wind System’s 3,45 MW turbines.

Construction work of the wind farm started in autumn 2016. Erection of the turbines started in May 2017, and the wind farm was in production during autumn 2017.

The Annankangas wind farm produces about 115 GWh of electricity per year. This corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of about 57,500 one-bedroom apartments.

Permit procedure

The EIA procedure for the project was completed in 2013. A joint environmental impact assessment was carried out on the wind power areas located in the eastern parts of Raahe, with Annankangas being one of them. The assessment took into account the environmental impacts and the joint impacts of all of the projected wind farms. The results of the assessment are used in the planning and zoning of the project. The EIA documents (only in Finnish) can be viewed through the following link:

Noise measuring in wind farm areas in Nikkarinkaarto and Annankangas in Raahe

The construction of Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy’s wind farm, consisting of ten wind turbines, was started in Nikkarinkaarto, in Raahe, last July. The construction of Annankangas wind farm has been estimated to start during spring 2016. Noise measurements will be performed in both of these areas; Suomen Hyötytuuli will measure the noise levels in the wind farm area before and during construction, as well as after the wind turbines have been taken into use.

Several measurement periods

Noise levels are measured in the wind farm areas with several meters. Continuous measurements are made with online meters. Periods of one month are measured in several seasons by using separately installed meters. These measurements provide detailed information on the impact that the wind farms have on the noise environment of the area.

The first measurement period of one month was implemented in Nikkarinkaarto this spring before the construction was started and the second in July when the construction work had been partially started. The third four-week measurement period takes place in October and November. The fourth measurement period was during the early winter 2016. The latest measurement took place during summer 2018.

The noise environment of the wind farm area being planned in Annankangas can already be measured in all four seasons before the construction is started. This provides measuring data on the current noise environment of the area for the whole year. The first measurement period in Annankangas was started in July this year. Other measurements in Annankangas will be conducted according to the same principles as in Nikkarinkaarto.

Part of quality assurance

The measuring of noise levels in wind farm areas is part of quality assurance in Suomen Hyötytuuli. Environmental permits require the monitoring of the noise levels of wind turbines during their operation. In addition, Suomen Hyötytuuli wants to chart the current noise environment of these areas and the impacts caused during the construction. Noise measurements will also be made in the future in all of Hyötytuuli’s new wind farm projects.


The zoning process was completed in 2014.


Energy Production

Jokela wind farm

12 pcs / 3,0 MW

Wind farm's current production 2.58 MW

Annankangas wind farm

10 pcs / 3,45 MW

Wind farm's current production 4.14 MW

Kuljunniemi wind farm

9 pcs / 2,3 MW

Wind farm's current production 0.75 MW

Nikkarinkaarto wind farm

10 pcs / 3,45 MW

Wind farm's current production 1.67 MW

Reposaari wind farm

10 pcs / 1-3,3 MW

Wind farm's current production 2.40 MW

Tahkoluoto offshore wind farm

11 pcs / 2,3-4,2 MW

Wind farm's current production 5.32 MW