Yhteisenkangas wind farm project


Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy is planning to build a wind farm of 8–11 wind turbines in the Yhteisenkangas area in the City of Raahe. The number of wind turbines will be specified during further planning of the project.

The Yhteisenkangas wind farm area is located on the eastern side of the City of Raahe, at a distance of about 12 km from the town centre. The eastern part of the area also extends to the municipality of Siikajoki.

Permit procedure

The EIA procedure for the project was completed in 2013. A joint environmental impact assessment was carried out on the wind power areas located in the eastern parts of Raahe, with Hummastinvaara being one of them. The assessment took into account the environmental impacts and the joint impacts of all of the projected wind farms. The results of the assessment are used in the planning and zoning of the project. The EIA documents (only in Finnish) can be viewed through the following link:


The zoning process for the Yhteinenkangas wind power project is at its initial stage. The progress of the zoning process (only in Finnish) can be followed through the following link:


Energy Production

Jokela wind farm

12 pcs / 3,0 MW

Wind farm's current production 2.75 MW

Annankangas wind farm

10 pcs / 3,45 MW

Wind farm's current production 3.98 MW

Kuljunniemi wind farm

9 pcs / 2,3 MW

Wind farm's current production 0.78 MW

Nikkarinkaarto wind farm

10 pcs / 3,45 MW

Wind farm's current production 1.73 MW

Reposaari wind farm

10 pcs / 1-3,3 MW

Wind farm's current production 2.37 MW

Tahkoluoto offshore wind farm

11 pcs / 2,3-4,2 MW

Wind farm's current production 5.73 MW