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Alajoki-Peuralinna wind farm project

14 pcs
240 m
155 m
6 MW

Project Manager

Kalle Kylänpää

+358 50 385 1909 kalle.kylanpaa(at)

Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy is building a wind farm of 14 wind turbine generators in Perho and in the neighboring municipality of Kyyjärvi in the province of South Ostrobothnia. Seven of the WTGs will be located in the area of Alajoki, at a distance of seven kilometres from the Perho town center. The other seven will be situated on the side of Central Finland in Peuralinna, Kyyjärvi. The project is constructed as a whole.

The wind turbines will be completed and put into operation during 2023.

Watch the video of laying the foundation in the fall 2021.