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Korpi-Matti wind farm project

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Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy is planning a wind farm of 22 wind turbine generators in Merikarvia in cooperation with Gigawatti Oy and EPV Tuulivoima Oy. Suomen Hyötytuuli’s share of the project is seven WTGs.

Merikarvia is a coastal municipality located between the towns of Pori and Kristiinankaupunki. The wind farm will be located north of the center of Merikarvia, in the area of Korpi-Matti on the eastern side of Rantatie and Trolssinkylä, reaching close to the villages of Riispyy and Timmerheidi. The area is bordered by the Mankaneva Natura 2000 area on its north-eastern side.

The EIA procedure for the project is completed and the results of the environmental impact assessment have been used in the design and land use planning of the project.

The component master plan of the Korpi-Matti wind farm was approved by Merikarvia local authorities in March 2020. The Supreme Court has rejected the leaves to appeal and the decision made by Merikarvia local authorities is valid.

Contact information: Project Manager Tiina Sarja, phone +358 40 700 3830, tiina.sarja(at)


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