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Kuljunniemi wind farm

9 pcs
80 m
82 m
101 m
2,3 MW

The first five wind turbines were erected at Kuljunniemi wind farm in Raahe in 2004 and the next four in 2010. The wind turbines are located on the coast in the Rautaruukki factory area and along the dam road leading to Kuljunniemi.

The Kuljunlahti bay area has good conditions for a wind farm location. The average wind speed at the height of 80 metres is about 7 metres per second. The area’s infrastructure and the positive attitude of the local residents and industry towards wind power provide a good basis for wind power production.

The Kuljunniemi wind farm has nine 2.3 MW WTGs.

The Kuljunniemi wind farm produces about 50 GWh of electricity per year. This corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of about 25,000 one-bedroom apartments.

Picures of Kuljunniemi wind farm

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