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Oosinselkä wind farm project

15 pcs
143 / 139,5 m
162 m
6,2 MW

Project Manager

Janne Tamminen

+358 400 856380 janne.tamminen(at)

Suomen Hyötytuuli is building a wind farm in the Satakunta region by the west coast. It is a joint venture with Gigawatti Oy. Suomen Hyötytuuli is building 15 WTGs in the area. The Oosinselkä wind power project is situated in the municipalities of Pori and Eurajoki, approximately ten kilometres south of Pori.

The planned wind farm will consist of the wind turbine generators including their foundations, the connecting land cables, the wind farm´s electrical substation and the maintenance roads connecting the WTGs.

The land use plan for the wind farm and the building permits have legal force.