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Perho Kokkoneva wind farm project

34 / 42 pcs
300 m

Suomen Hyötytuuli is planning a wind farm of 34 or maximum of 42 wind turbine generators in Kokkoneva, Perho. The height of the wind turbines is maximum of 300 metres and the capacity about 6–10 MW. The wind farm will be constructed between 2025 and 2027.

The EIA (environmental impact assessment) is available on the website of Finland’s environmental administration.

The municipality of Perho is located in the province of Central Ostrobothnia. The planned area is situated approx. 3 km north of Perho centre. The total area is approximately 3,300 hectares. The regional land use plan for Central Ostrobothnia designates the area as a wind farm area.

3D model

Perho Kokkoneva wind farm in 3D visualisation (in Finnish).

Contact information

Project Development Manager Pasi Keinänen, phone +358 40 835 9135 pasi.keinanen(at)
Project Manager Panu Piirtola, phone +358 40 655 1315, panu.piirtola(at)

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