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Pesola wind farm project

7 - 8 pcs

Project Manager/Environmental Engineer

Petteri Mäkelä

+358 400 187 028 petteri.makela(at)

Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy has made a plan for a wind farm of 7–8 wind turbine generators in the municipality of Soini.

The municipality of Soini is located in the province of South Ostrobothnia, surrounded by the municipalities of Ähtäri, Saarijärvi, Alajärvi, Kyyjärvi and Karstula. The wind farm will be situated in the area of Pesola, which is located in the northern part of Soini at a distance of some nine kilometres from the center of the municipality. On its eastern side, the Pesola area borders the municipalities of Kyyjärvi and Karstula in the province of Central Finland. The Pesola area is about 1,600 hectares.

The Pesola planning area is connected to the Korkeanmaa planning area, and together they form a uniform area to examine with respect to their environmental impacts. The EIA procedure is completed. The municipality of Soini is undergoing master planning for wind power.