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Reposaari wind farm

7 pcs
50 m
119 m
54.2 m
112 m
4 x 1 MW
1 x 2 MW
2 x 3.45 MW

In 1999, Suomen Hyötytuuli constructed Finland’s first industrial-scale wind turbine generators in the Meri-Pori area in Pori.

The wind conditions at Reposaari wind farm are excellent as the average wind speed is about 7.3 metres per second. The wind turbines are located in the port and in the industrial area close to existing infrastructure. Planning was done in co-operation with local residents and industry.

The wind farm consists of seven wind turbines. Reposaari has one, Tahkoluoto has three 1 MW WTGs built in 1999 and one 2 MW WTG built in 2002. Kirrinsanta has two 3.45 MW WTGs, built in 2015.

Reposaari wind farm produces about 34.25 GWh of electricity per year. This corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of about 17,000 one-bedroom apartments.

Three of the wind turbines at Reposaari had reached the end of their technical life cycle and were dismantled in May 2022. Suomen Hyötytuuli leads the way in recycling wind generators: the blades were recycled in the KiMuRa project lead by the Finnish Plactics Industries Federation and utilised in cement production. The other parts were recycled or used as spare parts.

Video about the dismantling of Reposaari wind turbines.

Finnish Wind Power Association’s press release about the dismantling of Reposaari wind turbines.

Pictures of Reposaari wind farm

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