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Siikajoki wind farm projects

38 pcs
230-240 m
170 m
V162-6.2 MW

Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy is planning a wind farm of 38 wind turbine generators in Siikajoki.  The area covers the wind farms in Karhunkangas, Kangastuuli and Navettakangas.

The wind farm area is located in North Ostrobothnia, on the western side of the municipality of Siikajoki. The distance from the wind farm area to the Revonlahti village is about 5 km to the east, and to the town center of Raahe about 15 km to the west.

The planned wind farm will consist of the wind turbine generators including their foundations, the connecting land cables, the wind farm´s electrical substation, the110 kV overhead cables for connecting to the electric power transmission network and the maintenance roads connecting the WTGs.

The initial plan is to construct the wind farm between 2022 and 2024.

The land use plan for the project and the building permits have legal force.

Contact information: Project Manager Juha-Pekka Pykilä, phone +358 40 030 4669, juha-pekka.pykila(at)


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